Tax firms abound. Perform a Google search for ‘tax specialists’ near you and view the results. Likely you will see taglines on many of those search results that proclaim “We can settle your IRS tax debt for pennies on the dollar” or some such impossible notion. Any firm that makes promises regarding dollar amounts cannot be trusted. At Reliance Tax Group, we believe in honest, real solutions for your tax woes that won’t break your bank account. We believe we can provide the best possible solution for you, no matter your tax issues. How?

We Provide:

Real Resolutions from a 3-Step Process

At Reliance Tax Group, our tax professionals take a realistic approach to solving your tax liability. We use a proven 3-Step Process that focuses on solving past and present tax problems and preparing you for ongoing compliance. It includes:

Step 1: Becoming Current & Compliant

We work alongside you to bring your tax situation into compliance by submitting all unfiled tax returns to bring them current and helping you make estimated tax deposits to stay compliant.  

Step 2: Choosing the Correct Installment Agreement

We listen to your story and analyze your current financial picture to help you choose the best possible installment agreement to reduce your tax debt. There are four general plans:

Full Pay (Formalized Plan) for over $50,000

Full Pay (FSP) for $50,000 or lower

Partial Pay Installments

Currently Not Collectible

Step 3: Disputing Your Penalties

We work with you through the process of disputing your outstanding IRS penalties with a view of getting them reduced or eliminated.

Great Customer Service

At Reliance Tax Group, our staff is available to you at all times. Seven days a week. Around the clock. Tax emergencies will not wait. Neither do we. At Reliance Tax Group, we believe great customer service means:

  • Answering our phones and returning calls and messages swiftly
  • Answering your questions promptly and truthfully
  • Handling your tax documents securely and with discretion
  • Filing your tax documents promptly by the appointed deadlines
  • Maintaining a stringent timeline in which to resolve your tax issue
  • Absolutely no hourly, proprietary, or hidden fees

At Reliance Tax Group, we make promises and we keep them. We do the heavy lifting with the IRS while educating you throughout the process. As a result of our streamlined and professional methods, most tax issues are typically resolved in 90 days or less.

Flat Fee Pricing

At Reliance Tax Group, we believe in helping those with tax problems, not adding to their financial burdens. That is why we proudly serve you on a flat fee basis. That means one set fee that covers all our services to resolve your tax issues. Period.

Compare that to the outrageous billing practices of other tax firms who charge:

  • $150-$200 per hour for ‘regular’ services
  • $25-$50 ‘communication’ charges for returning emails or phone calls to the IRS
  • Document handling fees
  • Filing fees
  • Additional hours and surcharges when your tax issue becomes ‘more complicated than originally assessed’

With Reliance Tax Group, we save you money and time by performing our services in a timely and efficient manner, including completing and filing documents and appeals with the IRS, all for one set fee established at the beginning of our relationship with you. Other firms delay and resubmit documents and appeals, all while charging you additional hours and fees for services rendered. With our flat fee pricing, you get your tax issue resolved and learn how to stay compliant, all without breaking the bank.


Understanding tax issues and dealing with the IRS is a complicated and time-consuming process. Let the professionals at Reliance Tax Group answer your questions and handle your tax negotiations. We’re here to help and we know how. Call our offices at (720) 452-2915, email, or contact us online to arrange your free consultation.