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The Internal Revenue Service has created an intimidating environment for individuals and small business owners that owe back taxes. The tax code is overly complicated making it difficult to determine the best path forward for anyone trying to resolve their issue themselves. Meanwhile, penalties and interest continue to accrue. Unfortunately, many tax resolution companies advertise methods which are time consuming, costly to the client and offer little to no results.

Because of this need, Reliance Tax Group developed a simple and proprietary 3 Step Process which works for ALL Americans regardless of their current financial situation. This process was designed to be faster, less expensive and work consistently for all situations!

Call us today as we offer a free comprehensive analysis of your current tax situation.  Upon completion, we will provide a detailed course of action, along with a  guaranteed  flat rate for our tax relief solutions.  You shouldn’t have to worry about overpaying for professional help.  Schedule your consultation today and turn your tax situation around.

Meet Management

Our team of professionals are here to help you, no matter your situation with the IRS.

Elizabeth Holladay EA, CTRS

Productions Manager

Elizabeth graduated with honors from the University of Arkansas with a degree in International Business and Information Systems. She is a federally licensed Enrolled Agent well-versed in tax resolution and has proven her skills by passing the test to become a Certified Tax Resolution Specialist. Elizabeth is a member of the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) and sits on the board of directors for the Colorado Society of Enrolled Agents (CoSEA).  She has helped hundreds of clients resolve their tax issues and believes quality representation should be affordable with a simple resolution process.

Jason Holladay

General Manager

Jason has an extensive background in providing tax relief services. For over 15 years, his vast experience includes personal mentorship from highly respected Attorneys, Enrolled Agents and Certified Public Accountants. Throughout his career, Jason has helped more than 2,500 clients to deal with their tax issues resulting in millions of dollars in savings to those clients. He is driven by a personal mandate to help those burdened by back taxes because he understands that, during these stressful times, taxpayers deserve the best possible outcome only professional representation can deliver and a high degree of respectful, sincere customer service.

“People shouldn’t have to worry about what to do next. That’s our job… to effectively negotiate a settlement on  their behalf and get them back to what matters most!” – Jason Holladay

Tammy Markley

Marketing Manager

Tammy Markley has over 9 years experience in the tax resolution industry. Her passion is helping people become financially free from back taxes. She is dedicated to providing honest tax advice and ensuring all of her prospects get the proper tax education they deserve. During her free time she enjoys hiking in the Rocky Mountains with her husband and two kids.

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